Chainsaw Buffet Podcast: Mana Kills

Milk and Bread! Summer Gases. Pussy-in-a-can. Mana SHOCK! Sporeacide. Irreducible complexity. Kill-a-moose calculator. Old people. No animal shall wear clothes. Steven doesn’t answer call from Tennessee. Pikachu trade rates. USA > Japan. Sarah Palin on Ann Coulter action. Jennifer Aniston like short men. EA takes Potter’s Staff. Altas is your father. Spot it, do something else.

Music: “Pass away” by Stromble Fix (

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Show Notes

  • If (God forbid) you want to try the energy drinks we sampled at the start of the show, you can get Mana Energy Potion off of ThinkGeek. And believe it or not, there is an official website for Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt.
  • The news story about creationists targeting Spore came from GamePolitics. The creationist anti-Spore was
  • We also talked about Amazon reviewers’ way of fighting back against Spore’s DRM, from this Kotaku story
  • Chad researched how many energy drinks it would take to kill you on
  • John’s life was made complete by the Tombstone Pizza Vending Machine
  • The story about Texas Instruments threatening to kill everyone Adam Savage knows and loves Adam Savage apologizing for his statements about RFID comes from TechDirt
  • We talked about Nintendo at an over-50 senior’s expo thanks to this story from GamePolitics
  • When you get to the part of the podcast where we flip out over the “real” Pikachu, pause it and check the photo from Kotaku. Then curl up into a fetal position and weep for humanity. (Also, remember to unpause the podcast.)
  • Get your Sarah Palin action figures here. Ann Coulter action figure not included. And, Seth Green, if you’re listening, you have some work to do.
  • We talked about how EA’s new game Dead Space was going to be banned in several countries… wait, what? EA made that up to sell more games? Surely not. (From GamePolitics.)
  • A moment of silence for EA. Because the latest Harry Potter movie was delayed, they had to reschedule the release of the accompanying game, and readjust their projections for this quarter. Our thoughts are with EA during this time of loss. (From Ars Technica.)