Doom, Gloom, and Optimus Prime

By Chad’s logic, we should shut down Chainsaw Buffet. Dylan breaks his caffeine fast. URNATION. Peelander Z coffee. Transformers Animated. Optimus Prime is not a firetruck nor is he a f**king gorilla. Warhawk: buy it for the Bluetooth headset. Burnout Paradise. EA, why do you love the terrorists? More Zune talk. Alestorm: pirate metal. Amazon MP3 rocks, iTunes sucks. The Christmas clock. Dylan sucks at the musical taste. Mike explains the stock market and economic crisis. Breast cancer awareness month. “I wish I had had a cool type of cancer–one that people like.” The pink ribbon mafia. Should we do a cancer podcast? Pan’s Labyrinth.

Music: A Lomos del Dragon Blanco – Carlos Saura (

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