On Lucasfilm and Disney and Fandom

That said, there are many perspectives on the news:

Personally, if I’m worried about anything, it’s that  Disney is buying up not just Lucasfilm, but a lot of IPs like Marvel. Disney has created some great movies over the years, but honestly, there’s something about a company as monolithic as Disney that gives me the creeps. (I think this may come from having been to Disney World, which is disturbingly fake–like most tourist traps–and yet uses words like "happy" and "magical" like they’re trademarked. When Big Brother finally takes over the world, his reign will be ushered in by Imagineers.)
I’ve seen a number of people point out that Pixar could make a great CGI Star Wars movie.
Joel Watson points out that Star Wars has become a children’s novelty franchise and Disney is perfectly suited to this. Again, we have to accept that this generation isn’t going to experience Star Wars in the same way we did.
Daryl Surat suggests that in Disney’s hands, maybe we’ll get an uncut BluRay or another TIE FighterTim Schafer points out that Disney now has the rights to Grim Fandango. Even if Disney screws up Episode 7, there’s a lot of silver linings to them owning the rights to Lucas’s portfolio of franchises.