MomoCon 2015 – Sarah Anne Williams

Interview featuring actress Sarah Anne Williams (“Madoka Magica”, “Kill la Kill”) recorded at MomoCon 2015.

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Interview: Ian “Vandy” Davis – Kumite in Tennessee

John sits down with tournament organizer Ian “Vandy” Davis to talk about Kumite in Tennessee (January 9-11, 2015), sponsoring players, and how Mario Kart 8 made the list of games featured at the tournament.

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Geek Media Expo Volume 6: Robert J. Schwalb Press Conference

Press conference coverage featuring game designer Robert J. Schwalb (Dungeons & Dragons, Shadow of the Demon Lord) at Geek Media Expo Volume 6.

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Stay Classy, San Diego

Chad, Charlie, Dylan, and John talk about the news and trailers coming out of San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Marvel’s recent shake-ups, the new Weird Al album, ‘band game design preferences before talking about how one of their recent interviews has taken off (relatively speaking) on Reddit.

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Evo 2014 Recap

Adam “Experimilk” Perry joins John in a special episode to discuss the results of the 2014 Evolution Championship Series.

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A Midsummer Night’s Basil Dream

Chad, Charlie, Dylan, and John talk about the Evolution Championship Series, the World Cup final, and review Bravely Default and the Rifftrax adaptation of “Sharknado”.

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E3 2014 Recap

Chad, Charlie, Dylan, and John discuss all the news and announcements coming from E3 2014, and Dylan and John give their thoughts on Mario Kart 8.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Day 1 Technology: Juri

  Our resident fighting game expert tests out some of Juri’s new tricks on Ultra Street Fighter IV’s launch day.  

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Game Night – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989 Arcade)

Dylan and John drive the Turtle Van down memory lane and discuss a litany of topics while playing through the 1989 quarter muncher.

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Crowd-Funding and Transparency: Where Did the Money Go?

The Double Fine Kickstarter fiasco causes John to take a second look at crowd-funding and its alarming lack of accountability.

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