Dirk’s Night Out – Part II

Oh, I didn’t see you there. Good evening and welcome to the second installment of Five Minute Fiction. Today’s story bit follows your hero and mine, Dirk and his wild night on the town. If you don’t enjoy it, then who will? WHO?

Time was too precious at this point to bother with Duke anymore.

“Ging, are you here!? Ginger!�

“I’m in the baby’s room!�

Dirk hurried past Duke and up the stairs to the room where Ginger kept the five pound bag of sugar that she thought was a baby. She was hurriedly putting diapers and a bottle into an oversized bag with a duck and umbrella motif. She looked spooked.

“Hurry Dirk,� she cried. “Help me with Dixie’s things. We have to get out of here.�

Dirk knew there was no point in arguing with her right now, about what was bothering her or about the sugar, so he helped her instead. When everything was packed, they ran down the stairs, out of the fiery house, and into his car.

As they drove down Colorado Boulevard, Dirk had to ask, “What’s gotten into you, Ging? What’s the matter? Was it Duke?�

“No,� she said solemnly, a look of cold fear in her eyes. “It was the man with the sponge.�

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