Corrine’s Daring

I know you’re out there, watching me. You’re waiting for a mistake, the slightest misstep that you can pounce upon to bring me down. Fine, then. Let the game begin. You shall soon discover that I’m dangerous when cornered. While you wait to discover that, please enjoy this installment of Five Minute Fiction.

Corrine didn’t need a reason. She was going to open the door and to hell with the consequences. Just like old times. The rules weren’t going to matter on the other side anyway. And with that, she walked in.

The darkness inside seemed both tangible and cloying. It seemed to suck away her courage with every step, but Corrine knew that she couldn’t stop. She was half way through now. As hard now to turn back as go forward…or was it? She knew what waited for her back there; the fluorescent light of the drab beige hallway. Back to school and the “sessions.� But what kind of life was that? There was nothing there for her. Nothing to bring her back save the boring familiarness of it all. No kind of life at all, really.

So, she went on, through the dark room until she felt a door knob on the far wall. She turned it slowly, fright building every moment. She heard the latch click. Finally, she took a deep breath and stepped through.

The bright light blinded Corrine. When her eyes finally adjusted, there she was and there it was…the playground.

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No, that's a Somalian. Lead singer for gamer rock band Axes and Alibis.