Chainsaw Buffet Podcast: Extreme Citrus Backwash!

Yes, that’s right, we’re doing a podcast now. World domination will soon be ours.

For those interested, we’ve got another episode of the podcast in production, and we’re going to be recording episodes on location at DragonCon and Anime Weekend Atlanta (possibly with a special guest)!

So, what’s the first episode of The Chainsaw Buffet Podcast about?

Enough energy drinks to make a moose’s heart explode. 3p1c F41l in being Dad. Communists and Dragons. The Guitar Gods died for your r0xx0rz. Vurp. “Yeah, I played it. Shut up.” Madden Forever. Turducken. Bulimic Kirby. Anorexic Fat Princess. Chrono Trigger is the best game ever! Aerith dies. King Captain Picard makes it so.

I challenge you to pack more awesome into a single hour.

Download “Extreme Citrus Backwash!” here (mp3)!

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