Election ’08 Mad Libs

Can you believe the latest out of the [ Obama / McCain ] campaign? They actually have the nerve to [ claim Sarah Palin’s son is really her grandson / suggest Barak Obama is the Antichrist ]! It’s truly sad that the American media will so blatantly publish the [ Democrats’ / Republicans’ ] talking points–especially their shameless accomplices at [ CNN / Fox News ].

It’s time for America to wake up! If [ Obama / McCain ] gets elected, he and his people are going to turn this country into [ an oppressive communist regime / a warmongering totalitarian theocracy ]. Can you imagine a country where government-sanctioned institutions actively persecute [ Christians / anyone who isn’t a Christian ]? What about a public education system that refuses to equip our children with the fundamentals of [ God-given morals / science and critical thinking ]? How could someone vote for a man who so vehemently supports [ the slaughter of the unborn / deliberately withholding aid from poor, starving families ]?

Our nation is at a critical point in history. If we allow [ Obama-Biden / McCain-Palin ] to be elected, our American way of life is finished.