Simon Young from The Slants: On Location from Anime Weekend Atlanta

On a special two-part episode of the Chainsaw Buffet Podcast, we travel to Anime Weekend Atlanta to talk with The Man Power and Simon Young of The Slants about their music, bands, and interests (including, of course, anime). Having seen their shows and met them at MTAC this year, there were already some big fans among the Chainsaw Buffet crew.

Download "On Location from AWA: Simon Young of The Slants" here! (mp3)

Download "On Location from AWA: The Man Power" here! (mp3)

The Slants are an Oregon-based band whose genre-defying music combines high-energy beats with sophisticated lyrics. Combined with their killer, fire-breathing stage shows, they’re an unstoppable force of the music scene.

Hailing from Nashville, the Man Power is anything but country. In fact, if you said that to their face, I’m pretty sure they’d melt your face off with their killer otaku-flavored rock stylings, and then blow your mind with their pandemonium-inducing performances on stage. Kneel before the awesomeness that is the Man Power!!

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