Moo Spew

THE GALLON CHALLENGE: you have one hour to drink a gallon of milk, and one more hour to keep it down. This episode, we attempt the challenge while doing a podcast. Were we successful? Listen and find out. Photos from this travesty can be found on Nathan’s Flickr profile.

Goofy-handed straight-chug style. The Gallon Challenge as part of Ninja Warrior: is anyone at G4 listening? Nathan loves The Force Unleashed but hates Dead or Alive. Let’s give out all our passwords on the podcast! The Rock Band double-strum bass. Cartoon Network cancelling Toonami: this will be the second time Atlanta burns! Anime on Adult Swim… not so much anymore. Prizes, prizes, prizizes (offernotvalidanywhereever). Organic milk versus normal milk. Eureka Seven makes John barf. The Drunken Unicorn concert at AWA. Quaff. Peelander Red rides Charlie. The psychology of “Mad Tiger.” Tsu Shi Ma Me Re: BILF material… “She has the devil in her, and I would very much like to meet that devil.” Mike’s new Zune. WE MOCK THOSE WHO CHALLENGE OUR PODCAST! Never assume a man does not have fire-breathing ninjas at his disposal. iPod and the Zangief-spinning-piledriver you have to do to use it. My PSP still services all my multimedia needs. “Save the tatas”: the best anti-cancer slogan ever invented. The new Nintendo handheld: coming soon? Virtual Boy! “I am a liar, and I don’t know who would have told you different.” F**k Mega Man 9. CHEESEBURGER!

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Moo Spew

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