Friendly Reminders for Black Friday Shopping

The Best Buy Incident. Dylan fails at guerilla marketing. John on the First Amendment: “what the hell is your problem, motherf@#$er?” Sow the seeds of chaos! Most misleading coupon EVAR. Venom energy drink: it’s a can that opens like a bottle! John is President John Henry Eden. I’ve got to go put a gun in my mouth now… I’m everything I hate. Bacteria porn. Eat more turducken.

Music: El Diablo by Countdown

The Feud

Apparently we have a feud with the Ambulatory Incongruity Podcast–coming soon.

The Turducken Podcast?

“If enough people write in… to tell us that they want to see this, I will do a Chainsaw Buffet podcast… with turducken.” – Jen

Straight from Jen’s mouth–we’ll do a video podcast about making turducken if we get enough interest! What’s turducken? It’s a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. (And maybe bacon, if John gets his way.) No, seriously–Wikipedia says so.

But we need your help to convince her, though, so email your polite request angry demand (hostage optional) to