Eat The Worm

Holy crap, we’re back. I’m just going to blame the “hiatus” on the “holiday season.” Yeah. That the ticket. The holidays. It’s certainly not that we were lazy or anything, or that I let the recording of this episode sit around for about a month before I even started editing it.

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Show Notes

Catching up. John and 15-year-old anime women. Legal woes of pix messaging. WoW jumps the shark? Everyone but Dylan agrees: Fallout 3 and Fable II suck. Tequila worm suckers. Wasabi tastes like bee stings. Second Life has a point? CAT EDIT! Playstation Home: beware of gay German dudes. Another round of XBox 360 vs. PS3. XNA: neat idea, but lots of crap. Porn spam on the work phone. Torgo is on vacation. Affirmative Action patch notes. Outliers.

Music: Lost in Space by Sonic Mystery

Sound effect by nicStage