Tom’s Anger

THE TIME IS NIGH! The ascendence of the great king will end this current age of strife and death! The end has come, but this end heralds the start of the beginning of the journey to the next end! Repent, for his return is here! While you wait for the end, please enjoy this installment of Five Minute Fiction. As is the norm, I have prepared this piece in five minutes without concern for pacing, plot, point, or passability. REPENT AND ENJOY!

The setting sun framed the black silhouette of a man standing over three slumped forms. The sun was setting, and Tom had already killed three men. At least they weren’t brothers, he reasoned. Tom had a thing about killing siblings. It just didn’t seem right, felt too familiar.

Tom wiped his hands on the bowling shirt of the second man. That was another thing, Tom never messed with the body of his third kill. Never.

Tom got into his green El Camino and continued his leisurely drive down Colorado Boulevard. He’d just been out driving when everything went down. He hadn’t intended to get involved and now he needed to cool down. He need somewhere to rest for a few moments. That’s when he remembered that Ginger lived just a few blocks down the street. He hadn’t seen her since the company picnic. Better not to bring that up, he thought.

He pulled up to Ginger’s house just as another car drove off. Tom went inside, noticing that the house seemed hotter than the weather outside would have suggested. He went toward the one lit room in the house, immediately discovering why the house seemed so hot.

“Hey Dirk.”
He hadn’t expected to see Ginger’s brother, now or ever again.

“Well, if it isn’t dear old Tommy? How’s the wife?”
Dirk was wearing an evil grin and mismatched socks.

“You tell me. Do you still own the wig?”
Tom shot back.

Tom had killed three men today and he didn’t want to make it four. At the moment, however, he wasn’t sure he had a choice.

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