Public Service Announcement: The Slants’ New Album Now Shipping!

Well, we’ve certainly asked a lot of questions about it in our past interviews at AWA and MTAC with the band, and soon those questions will be answered!

Listen folks- we’re a very small website run by a close-knit group of friends, and while we’re still very small, we’ve managed to become modestly successful in our endeavors thus far, and that’s due in no small part to Simon, Aron, Johnny,  Tyler, and the rest of the Slants family.  They’re a big time rock band who turned down a million dollar recording contract to do things their way, and we’re a small-time website and podcast who just got lucky enough to talk to these guys.

So, if you enjoy our articles, forums, and podcasts (or even if you don’t), I can’t overstate the importance of supporting the Slants (not to mention The Man Power and The Notorious MSG).

So, go to now and get your Chinatown Dance Rock on!!

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