zombie slaying tip

    When you see a celebrity in a restaurant don’t approach them, for 2 reasons.

1. He/She is  probably eating so don’t disturb them because they are regular people like us when it comes to eating

2. He/She is probably a zombie!

If you decide that you are dumb enough to approach the celebrity, be prepared! Always bring protection with you. Me personally, I like to carry a Battle Axe with me at all times. If you approach a celebrity that is eating on a dead body, DON’T APPROACH!!! But if you do, be prepared to be eaten or use your weapon on them because I bet zombie celebrities don’t like to be disturbed either! Now you got a fight on your hands if you like it or not. Here are 2 options that you can do to keep yourself out of harms way! You can always run away. There is nothing wrong with running away with your tail between your legs. Your 2nd Option is to stand there and fight which is probably the best option. If you are lazy like me running is something you hate to do, even though it might save your life. So if you chose to fight make sure you use a weapon you are comfortable with. Like i said before, I use a battle axe. With one clean swing to the neck you can take that head right off and no more zombie! Also if you dont want a challenge you can always shoot them but make sure you shoot them twice in the head like we all learned in Zombieland, ALWAYS DOUBLE TAP!

Thank you for reading my very first post I hope you enjoy my Rambling and until next time America this is Zombie Slayer Cole signing off! Peace, Love and Zombie Guts! See ya!