Zombies make me want to punch babies

Have you read the title???? well i hope so because Im not going to say it again! Well maybe one more time but thats it! Im not going to say it now maybe at the end of the my rant…. ANYWAYS, these zombies just keep on, they dont stop, but only to eat your flesh, and when they are done eating what is left of your lifeless body, they move on. After they are done eating you, you become one and then i have to shoot you in the face. Yes its hard to do but it has to be done, cant have weaklings keeping me down. Keep up or get eaten and do your part in killing these zombies! This is why I get so mad, i seem like im the only one working at keeping everybody alive! So stop being a little panzy pick up a blunt obect or gun and help me kill these things, they wont stop….. EVER! and we cant stop unless we are eaten or die of exhaustion or old age! which probably well be the end of us anyways… this is why Zombies make me want to punch babies!


Peach Love and Zombie Guts!