Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt

In the pre-interview mini-episode, Charlie, Dylan, and John discuss the wrap up of our voice actor interview series. Then, we interview Tara Platt (Temari from Naruto, Tokiko from Buso Renkin, Tron Bonne from Marvel vs Capcom 3) and Yuri Lowenthal (Sasuke from Naruto, Suzaku from Code Geass, Ben Tennyson from Ben 10) about their work in games and animation, their book about voice acting, Feng Shui, living abroad, and their interest in being guests at MTAC.

Tara Platt’s official website: http://www.taraplatt.com/
Yuri Lowenthal’s official website:  http://www.yurilowenthal.com/
Voice Over Voice Actor:  http://voiceovervoiceactor.com/