Anime Blast Chattanooga 2013 Recap

Charlie, Dylan, and John discuss a comment they received on their GMX Volume 5 recap before recounting their recent trip to Anime Blast Chattanooga 2013.



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  • HoldingNothing

    One of you was the guy in the front row? Your gf was really into it with the dialogue in the games. It was an hour and a half, yeah. I try to do hour long panels or so usually. Then again, my Intro to RPGs panel will be tricky to compress into an hour.

    The save state idea was suggested to me and sadly, I really would prefer going back to my original methods, since investing all that time for the save states (remembering them as well) is probably not feasible for me, since I’m working on my other panels, esp. new ones for MTAC. So like I said, it was probably the first and the last time anyone would see this panel, at least done by me. I could pitch it to someone else and they could do it just as well, if not better

    My bigger problem was that I’m thinking my sound card is wonking out (which sucks hard) and that was causing the crackling in the emulation. I’m even hearing crackling in my media player.

    I can give you a list: Romancing SaGa 3 (unofficial), Paladin’s Quest (Lennus in Japan), Sailor Moon: Another Story, Secret of the Stars (Aqutallion in Japan), Glory of Heracles 3(unofficial) and Inindo: Way of the Ninja. I think half of these were published in America: Paladin’s Quest, Secret of the Stars and Inindo, the last of which I sadly didn’t get to. Timing is the hard part and I probably could’ve done each game justice with 2 hours. It would be a business card size: only 6 “obscure” JRPGs, since I’m very picky on that. I did consider Live a Live, but the translation is questionable and more incomplete than even Romancing SaGa 3.

    Fan panels tend to be tricky with your song suggestion if it’s in Japanese.

    A person we met suggested a Spongebob fan panel at MTAC…not sure how I feel about it. Leaning towards…do it if you want, but I don’t want to go

    • Thanks for the comment! We were in the middle row, I believe. I think we came in late and left early because of how your panel overlapped with other panels.

      Yeah, I understand it would be a hard panel to do, and it’s easy to end up with more ideas than time to prepare them all. There *might* be simpler options if you want to retool it in the future–for example, rely on a PowerPoint/Google Docs slide deck with screenshots to cover each game’s high points (what’s great, what’s not so great, if-you-like-[game]-you’ll-like-this, etc.), and then use one save state per game to show off a sample. That’s basically the way I do my board gaming panel so I don’t have to lug around or set up the games themselves.

      There might be other hardware options too, if these games run on US system emulators (SNES, Genesis, etc. vs. Famicom). Setting up RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi has a steep learning curve, but it’s relatively cheap.

      The thing to remember about our commentary on fan panels is, we don’t go to a lot of fan panels. 🙂

      A Spongebob fan panel would be an interesting scenario, given that it seems like only certain American/Western properties have become really popular at anime cons, and it’s not really in that list.

      • HoldingNothing

        I would’ve emulated PS1, but it seems to really drain my CPU.

        I do “Powerpoints” for 2 of my major ones (Open Office, technically). The idea was to do gameplay for a panel and the only idea that comes to mind now is Pokemon ROM hacks, though even that is something I’m really behind on. Maybe if I focused on demos of incomplete hacks. Even if I had 2 hours, not sure I could speed run anything, which is a common theme I’ve seen in panels with gameplay. My intro to RPG panel might go well, though I might focus on JRPGs in the future in a separate panel.