Down in the Dumps

Charlie, Chad, John, and Dylan discuss the group’s recent trip to MTAC before talking about Dylan’s latest Ludum Dare project, news of an Evangelion/Transformers crossover, and the results of the search to find the landfill where all those copies of “ET” for the Atari 2600 were buried.






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About The Busboy

The Busboy (a.k.a. John Robbins) is best known for being a regular co-host on the Chainsaw Buffet podcast. Aside from his work for the site, John is an avid fighting game player with a current competitive focus on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. You can follow him on Twitter at “@_JohnnyFive”.

  • I was running late and just threw on my USB headset. But now that I listen to it, NEVER AGAIN.

    • Chad Rasnake

      That’s no reason to quit the podcast.

      • Sorry, I should have phrased that differently, but I clearly get emotional over poor audio quality sometimes.

        • Chad Rasnake

          Clearly you do. As you do over so many things.