Anime Blast Chattanooga 2014 Recap

Chad(!), Charlie, Dylan, and John look back at their trip to Anime Blast Chattanooga 2014 and preview some upcoming content.


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The Busboy (a.k.a. John Robbins) is best known for being a regular co-host on the Chainsaw Buffet podcast. Aside from his work for the site, John is an avid fighting game player with a current competitive focus on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. You can follow him on Twitter at “@_JohnnyFive”.

  • HoldingNothing

    I liked the Awesome Anime panel: esp. since it made me remember Record of Lodoss War, which I have the 1st VHS volume of (one of the few VHS I haven’t tried to sell)

    Programming can underestimate things: though I feel like the adult programming was very competitive both nights. I had a sizable room, but I only really had the first 2 rows and they weren’t even full.

    The staff at Anime Blast is always great. They approved 7 of my the 8 panels I put in and I almost feel bad that they accepted some of them, because they ended early: particularly my Tokyo Ghoul one, which I need a better structure for in terms of my “slides” and the relative treatment of anime and manga (which will be better once season 2 is over at the end of next winter season).

    It’s weird that they approve more and more of my panels each year: 4 in 2012, 6 in 2012 and 7 in 2014…I shudder to think if I ran any more than that.

    • Agreed. I tend to assume programming is an art. There are certain panels that are obviously big draws, but some are wildcards.

      To be honest, I have the same feeling with my panels. Mine are a few degrees of separation from anime. Quality can vary greatly from panel to panel (sometimes it’s lack of audience participation, but also I’m not practiced enough at public speaking to be “on” all the time). I suspect it’s that many cons would like to touch a few other niches, even if they aren’t huge draws.

      That said, if we really felt they were bad, a poor fit, or not something we thought could be improved, we probably wouldn’t submit them in the first place, right?

      • HoldingNothing

        I’ll admit some of the applications are impulse, but most are ideas I really like to work on. I’m doing a panel at Yamacon I haven’t worked on in over a year and I’m really trying to hammer out more details than I had before at MTAC 13 for that panel, esp. since I put way more time into manga reading compared to anime watching, even recently with keeping current each season.

        I have to sort of force myself to be enthusiastic in a way for panel presentation, though in a con environment, I think it’s easier to be outgoing and talkative, whether I’m presenting or attending, which I did about half and half by my count, maybe a bit less attending than hosting (roughly 10 hours of panels hosted cumulative and maybe 5-6 hours of panels attended.)

        GMX was a bit more of a challenge for me, though it also gave me more focus on what I could apply for, since most of my ideas are much more anime fandom centered than general fandom. I have more recent ideas that could work for either, like a panel I need to flesh out on spoilers and why some spoilers aren’t as bad as others, especially as regards details.

        I’m always getting new ideas, abandoning old ones (the Obscure JRPGs panel, which I think one of you went to, is pretty much on the backburner, since gaming has never been my major focus or ambition as a panelist compared to fandom/culture), working on one or another