The Weekly Wrap-Up – June 24, 2012 – June 30, 2012

Hello folks, and welcome to what is sure to be the next in a long line of aborted attempts to create regular content for this site that isn’t actually a podcast.  I’m going to keep this simple by taking things we might normally talk about anyway, throw together some video clips, and (attempt to) make a weekly round-up of shit that’s already happened, supplied with opinions from someone whose opinions you don’t care about.

We good?  Okay then – Without further adieu, let’s get this thing started!


The Real Reason So Few Ever Make It In The NBA


I love trying to force sports down our listeners/readers throats, since it’s so far off what you might consider our “target audience” that it becomes hysterical – Like a millionaire athlete who never went to college trying to talk about the importance of education.

Anyway, this recent issue about NBA draftee Jared Sullinger’s descent from potential lottery pick to late-first-rounder contains a story that every man on earth can relate to:



That’s right: “Bulging dicks”.

For the record, this is just one highlight from a sport whose lexicon is full of double entendre that someone with the comedic maturity of a 14 year old (like myself) finds endlessly funny (e.g. “He’s getting good penetration”, “He’s quick at getting to the hole”, “They’re really banging each others’ bodies down there”, “Kobe Bryant is absolutely ruthless”).


Your Interest In This Show Is Directly Related To Whether You Want To Kill Babies or the Poor


HBO’s new series “The Newsroom” premiered last Sunday, and from the immediate fallout from the internet, apparently the only people who like it are godless Liberals, and the only people who hate it are money-grubbing worshippers of the Immortal Robot Reagan.  As someone who carefully avoids political arguments on Chainsaw Buffet, I have to say that my reason for watching was a purely innocent desire to see Olivia Munn and Sam Waterston interact with each other on camera (in a very, very specific way).



For its part, the show itself was somewhat entertaining, though Ms. Munn doesn’t make her first appearance on the show until this Sunday (so I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for some hot Jack-McCoy-On-Olivia-Munn action).  And even if you don’t have HBO, you can make your own judgment by watching the first episode here.


And Here In America, We’re Stuck With Adrian Brody, Andre 3000, And Some Guy I’ve Never Heard Of


If there’s one thing about being an “Evangelion” fan I’ve come to terms with, it’s this:  Gainax doesn’t give one single fuck about what product you use their characters to promote, so long as the check clears.  So to hear that, as part of Evangelion: 3.0 Q You Can (Not) Redo’s promotional campaign for the film’s theatrical release later this year, they partnered with Schick to sell razors, it didn’t exactly come as a surprise.  Even so, I couldn’t help but find the commercials they ran to be a little bit on the weird side, even for Gainax:



I honestly don’t know which is weirder:  That crazy-as-hell smile Gendo has, or the smile Rei is doing right next to him.  I tried to contact Hideaki Anno for comment, but he was too busy diving into his own money, Scrooge McDuck style (allegedly).


Well, folks, that’s all the weirdness I have for now, but stay tuned (assuming laziness doesn’t keep me from posting again next week)!

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